Aug 12

NP: Crooked Lines by Corrinne May

God writes straight with crooked lines He takes the mess we make in life He turns our groaning into perfect rhyme Hidden by the veil of time, The Wisdom of His love’s design God writes straight with crooked lines This song of Corrinne May is what inspired #019 Reflection of the Day. Crooked lines is under […]

Jul 09

NP: 24 Hours by Corrinne May

It’s easy to lose track It’s tempting to look back Fill our hearts with regret For all we couldn’t do For all we should have done But didn’t take the time to Well it’s not too late, we’ve still got today This is another Corrinne May’s song titled, “24 Hours”, where #020 Reflection of the Day comes […]

Jun 05

Mark Maliwanag – Dance With My Father (Cover)

This is just a throwback of my birthday greeting video I made for my father I think last 2013. The song is Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross. It’s just an instant idea I had in mind so the recordings and arrangement were bit rushed so I never given the chance to polish things. But, […]

May 01

GetGrocery App – Sample Wireframing

GetGrocery is a concept online grocery app that I was tasked to design as my assessment output. In this task, I was required to create a mobile wireframe of the app which has list of features and these features should manifest in the wireframe. Then, I was given the freedom to choose which 3 screens […]

Apr 12

NP: I Can Go The Distance (Anthony Callea’s Cover)

Like a shooting star, I will go the distance I will search the world, I will face it’s harms I don’t care how far, I can go the distance Till I find my hero’s welcome, waiting in your arms I love the version of Anthony Callea next to the original. This song speaks for me. […]

Apr 05

Movie Review: Everything About Her

Everything About Her is the first movie treat of Star Cinema this year 2016 directed by Joyce Bernal featuring Xian Lim (as Albert Mitra), Angel Locsin (as Jaica Domingo) and the Star For All Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos (as Dr. Vivian Rabaya). As the dramedy movie title suggested, the story revolves around the life of a […]

Mar 09

Movie Review: Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

“In today’s society, Inside Out has provided an important moral lesson to its viewers, regardless of age: Sometimes, it is not bad to feel sadness at all. Sadness helps us to dismiss pride and reach out for help. Sadness enables us to empathize and console a friend. Sadness is what makes us truly appreciate the […]

Feb 05

Album Review: Tanya Markova – Mister Tililing

“Mister Tililing is like your favorite radio play or theatrical dark comedy show that you want to keep yourself engaged to from beginning up to the end and can’t afford to miss any part of it — entertaining, creative and precise.” Tanya Markova’s Mister Tililing is the band’s sophomore album independently produced and released on April 25, […]