Mark Maliwanag - Akap (Original) Lyrics Video

"Hindi na ako matatakot basta't ikaw ang kasama ko. Dumilim man ang dinadaanan ko."

BACK STORY: This is one of my unheard songs that I wrote 3 years ago. And I also remember na parang panahon natin ngayon, we were experiencing devastating storms at that time.

It’s the verse part (my favorite) that came into my mind first. I was amazed how I just played its chords and said, “Hey, this is something!” Since then, the chorus, bridge, words and feelings just flowed in smoothly.

I specifically composed this song for my CG named AKAP. Before, I first wrote and played them an upbeat song so I decided to make a ballad for them this time around. The lyrics are mostly inspired from their perspectives after I realized what inner struggles each one has been through. Moreover, there is a line wherein I spoke about the storm because I wanted to spell out ‘hope’ for those of our countrymen devastated by calamities.

Though, it mentions acceptance and unconditional love, the song mainly speaks about ‘courage’. So I penned it in such a way the song can be addressed to anyone whom we can get our courage from, like God and one another, during one’s dark times.

It’s only until now, that I could fully relate to my own song and it gives me solace amidst my difficult times.

So I dedicate this song to my family to say my sincerest ‘thank you’ for the continuous love and support.

To AKAP, thank you so much because you were the main driver of this songwriting process. It’s was not hard to empathize with you cause I really saw myself in each one of you. Forever grateful for all the good times shared.

And to everyone else, you know who you are, because I had times with you when I just forgot all my fears and, in some ways, you have made me brave. Thank you!

Hope this song somehow comforts you during whatever storm you’re experiencing right now, whether it’s a physical storm or an inner one.

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