If I became an owner of a company, I ___________.

#073 Reflection of the Day:

If I became an owner of a company, I ___________.


Reflection: If I become a successful owner of a business, I would create business that I’m passionate about. One that has a helpful purpose to improve and make the world a better place to live in. I will observe corporate social responsibility and respect workers’ rights. If I become the president, I would love and empower my people and will make a mark of inspiration to their hearts. I want to become their bridge towards their dreams for themselves and for their families. If I become the owner, I still want to be reachable to my people and become their friend/family member. I want to do business with love, trust, joy, passion and openmindedness. I want to provide not only just jobs to Filipinos but rather enjoyable jobs and works with impact.

How you would you be as a person when you become a successful business man?

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