Why do I want to earn more?

#074 Reflection of the Day:

Why do I want to earn more?


Reflection: I want to earn more because 1) I want to give more. I want to pay back to all the people who have helped me to reach my dreams and to have all what I have right now, especially to my family. 2) I want to earn more as soon as possible so I can work on my own dream/business and not to work for somebody else’s 3) I want to achieve financial freedom in my young days so I can fully enjoy in the future without any worries 4) I want to have my own business and continue what I’m passionate to do without spending so much effort and time to follow other’s system and schedule 5) I want earn more so anytime I’m prepared to build my own family if the right one comes.

Why do you want to earn more?

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