Idol For Life: Mye Cruz

"Mye is definitely one of those I find as the coolest kids I met in college. She can do many things that's why I'm always left amazed by her."


Full Name: Mylene Joyce Cruz

Birthday: November 20

Words to Describe:

M – arvelous or in Tagalog “Malupit” or pwede ding Master Mye

Y – outhful (Naks!) Pwede ring YOLO!

E – xuberant or Epic!


First Meeting:

LPEP and I think I remember our first conversation/greeting to each other.  

Common Group:

De La Salle University – IE Department, Block ED


5 Facts I Know:

1.    Mye, I think, is also the youngest child in the family, like me! In our family tree at school, she’s my auntie and I’m his nephew.

2.    This friend is much ‘artsier’ than me, whatever that means. Hahaha! For years, she became busy for years in Publicity of our professional organization, IMES.

3.    They just transferred to Paranaque recently which reminds me how Mye has been snobbing me. xD BTW, because she travels a lot, I therefore conclude, she does love traveling and food tripping.

4.    She also has an inclination to music — that’s why she received a ukulele guitar as a gift from our batchmates.

5.    Definitely, Mye is a better front-end web developer and accountant than me. Hahaha!


I idolize this friend because…

Mye is definitely one of those I find as the coolest kids I met in college. She can do many things that’s why I’m always left amazed by her. She also has that unique easygoing endearing personality which everyone in our batch loves, especially Timmy! LOL! 


My life message:

I just want to say… Haaaaaaaynaku, kailan ba tayo magmimeet, Mye? Tsk! Hahaha! Hope you are enjoying your professional life right now, ya know… enjoying getting lost. I was having a hard time recalling the facts I stated above and that’s definitely calls a catchup! In the meanwhile, may you find answers you’re looking for to your questions about life so you can them to me the next time we meet. 


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