Full Name: Reymark Cristobal

Birthday: November

Words to Describe:

R – esponsible

M – inister/Missionary of God


First Meeting:

One of the first CG session of The Animo Campus Feast Missions.  

Common Group:

The Animo Feast Mission Core Servants , Light of Jesus Youth Missions


5 Facts I Know:

1.    RM is a Multimedia Arts student from De La Salle College of St. Benilde — whose course is I envy to have.

2.    It was late for me to know that he lives very near to my school in Las Pinas.

3.    He has a game room at the topmost floor of their house.

4.    RM has so many piles of novel books in his room and has so many displays of anime action figures, too.

5.    He is one of the active Youth heads of the Light of Jesus Youth Missions. He’s also one of the few pioneers of the Animo Feast Campus Missions representing CSB.


I idolize this friend because…

RM is so much dedicated to his ministry works. He is not only a passionate servant of God but also a responsible one, too.


My life message:

RM, good luck to your remaining academic endeavors and I pray that you eventually find the right path for you, whether you push through as a career man or as a missionary of God. May you continue to bless and serve many people especially those who need it.


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