Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe

“Ang commitment hindi parang installment yan. Dapat ibigay mo ng buong buo." ~ Tintin (Arci Muñoz)

“Ang commitment hindi parang installment yan. Dapat ibigay mo ng buong buo.”

~ Tintin (Arci Muñoz)


Always Be My Maybe is the post Valentine 2016 movie treat of Star Cinema which is helmed by Dan Villegas and topbilled by a fresh team-up, Gerald Anderson as Jake and Arci Muñoz as Tintin.

The story tackles the prominent millennial setup of relationship of today — ‘no label’ between the heart-broken characters portrayed by the lead actors. The plot progresses as the two explore the ‘hugot’ of one another from their ill-fated previous romance to their present charade of feelings.




  • I have to agree with other movie reviewers, Dan Villegas excellently put a masculine perspective in this movie. Because of this, not only the movie widens its target audience to reach male viewers but it also helps in adding authenticity of the scenes played. I’ve noticed how the dialogue were written much alike to how guy talks/conversations usually go and how it subjects to men’s interest. Aside from adding the guy’s perspective, every angle has also been established with authenticity and Villegas made sure the actors fleshed out the characters with some touch of rawness. 
  • What is unique in this movie compared not only to other Filipino rom-com movies but to all genre local flicks that it veers away its focus from the involvement of family (which is usually a given ‘Filipino touch on movies’). Thus, the absence of ‘family-involvement’ element in the film makes it comparable to Western romcom movies. In other words, Always Be My Maybe is not your typical conservative Filipino romcom movie.
  • Every situation/scene is done remarkably in terms of relatability because most of what’s happening in the movie actually happens in real life.
  • Tintin’s make-up viral videos is a nice way of putting icing on the cake which paves way to one of the good performances of Gerald.
  • Gerald is convincing in his role so no problem with his performance. But what made me amazed and enticed is the natural overflowing charm and wit of Arci Muñoz reaching to us beyond the screen. That figures because many other movie viewers were surprised by her performance too and allured by her attractiveness, whether in light or dramatic scenes.
  • Their ‘making love’ scene is intense and the intensity is much more escalated by the over-the-top sensual passionate soundtrack ‘How Can I’ by Marion Aunor. My eyes are definitely fully pleased and satisfied with the images of Arci.


  • The lacking parts, however, are both the opening scenes and the ending. I find the opening/exposition could be become much better if the pacing is hastened up a little bit. The ending is not ordinarily extraordinary; too simple and predictable to remember remarkably.
  • Though, the movie already covered a substantial amount of content about label-free relationships, I believe there are still many details yet to explore.


Always Be My Maybe has already earned around P100 million on its 2nd week starting February 24, 2016.



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