This is my reflection article on Luke 11:5-13 featured in Didache Youth book for October 6, 2016.

My mom was going on a trip. She had been saving weeks prior to it for her travel allowance. But a week before she was scheduled to leave, my dad’s sister suddenly visited and asked if she could borrow some money.

Mom took out her savings and gave it to my aunt even though she needed the money. She didn’t leave any for herself, so I gave her the money I just earned from my freelance job. She smiled and thanked me.

My aunt asked for help and my mom gave it. My mom didn’t ask for mine, yet I gave it to her. Either way, we gave because we loved.

So, why not reach out to the most loving and generous Giver? God knows what we need before we even ask, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to pray for it anymore. God wants us to ask in prayer, not only because He wants to bless us, but because He wants to form a relationship with us, too.

Reflection: What do you want ask for and receive from God?

Dear Father, may we always trust in Your loving generosity. Keep in us a heart that relies on You and only You. Amen.



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