Idol For Life: Jan Ballesteros


Full Name: Jan Edward Ballesteros

Birthday: November

Words to Describe:

J – an B’s Girls (self explanatory. LOL!) or pwede ding Jurassic!

A – thletic

N – ascent potential (from being missing in action to most improved learner in school. Naks!)

B – rother/”Kuya”

First Meeting:

We became classmates since Grade 4 or 5 (when he was transferred to our class) up to High School in Young Achievers International School (aka Antioch Christian Academy).

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Idol For Life: Mye Cruz


Full Name: Mylene Joyce Cruz

Birthday: November 20

Words to Describe:

M – arvelous or in Tagalog “Malupit” or pwede ding Master Mye

Y – outhful (Naks!) Pwede ring YOLO!

E – xuberant or Epic!


First Meeting:

LPEP and I think I remember our first conversation/greeting to each other.  

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Idol For Life: Jyka Gulpany


Full Name: Jynrose Kaye Gulpany

Birthday: December 13

Words to Describe:

J – uty to the max

Y – es Ate sa kanyang mga younger brothers

K – een and kindhearted

A – dventurous


First Meeting:

We became classmates since 1st Year High School at Young Achievers International School

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Idol For Life: Denice Pangan


Full Name: Denice Mitchel Pangan

Birthday: December 10

Words to Describe:

D – ependable

E – legant

N – ot talkative/Natural

I – mpressive

C – hic = fashionable

E – agerness


First Meeting:

We became classmates since elementary (Grade 4) in Antioch Christian Academy now known Young Achievers International School.

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Idol For Life: Deniel Arc Paez


Full Name: Deniel Arc Paez

Birthday: November 10

Words to Describe:

A – ggressive (in a positive tone, of course)

R – esponsible

C – onfident


First Meeting:

We already saw each other perhaps, in some IE class, but we really started interacting when we worked together for thesis during my last year in college. 

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Idol For Life: Angelica Destajo


Full Name: Angelica Destajo

Birthday: November 16

Words to Describe:

A – mbitious (of course in a positive tone)

N – oble

G – od Believer

E – nthusiastic towards her dreams


First Meeting:

Technically, I believe we first met during their Jesus Encounter (I can’t remember when/what year). Hahaha! But we really started to know each other well when The Animo Campus Feast (now known as Taft Campus Life) jumpstarted.

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