Crazy Me ~ Didache Youth Reflection

This is my reflection article on 2 Corinthians 11:1-11 featured in Didache Youth book for June 22, 2017.

They say I’m crazy. I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from a prestigious university. But after allowing myself to be tortured by our Math subjects for almost five years, I made the craziest but also the boldest decision in my life…

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Tourists ~ Didache Youth Reflection

This is my reflection article on Acts 16:11-15 featured in Didache Youth book for May 22, 2017.

I’m blessed that, at a young age, I have already traveled to several countries, like Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, with my family. But one thing about traveling in foreign lands is that I can’t help but feel these three L’s:

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#MayForever ~ Didache Youth Reflection

This is my reflection article on Mark 16:9-15 featured in Didache Youth book for April 22, 2017.

#WalangForever #NothingLasts. It’s funny how people comment with these hashtags whenever they see photos of couples #sohappytogether or observe a pair on the street #HHWWPSSP (Holding Hands While Walking, Pa-Sway-Sway Pa). Did I just hit someone here?

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We Will Rise Again ~ Didache Youth Reflection

This is my reflection article on Luke 20:27-38 featured in Didache Youth book for November 6, 2016.

According to the world’s current death rate, over 150,000 people die every day, or 6,380 deaths per hour or 107 per minute or 1.78 or almost 2 deaths per second. Should we fear death? For me, death is not something that people should look forward to. But when I think of the resurrection that comes after it, I worry less.

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Who is My President?: My 10 Realizations During the Election Period

For months, I have been reacting via social media about the debates & issues raised by the election period but remain silent about who is the candidate that I am rooting for presidency. As I just observe different views, opinions and discussions and put myself into the process of evaluating all the candidates, I have come up with these 10 realizations that help me change my mind and bring me to my final decision:

1. We can’t have it all.

It is fascinating to imagine if we can only have a candidate that possesses all the good qualities of the 5 running candidates: Mar and Miriam’s intellectual capacity in planning and diplomatic courtesy and relations, Digong’s political will and decisiveness, Poe and Binay’s effortless public connection and hands-on service. But the reality is we cannot check our list full.

There will always be less and/or excess because we must not forget that our candidates are only humans, too, just like us. It should be acknowledged that they come with their strengths as well as their weaknesses and flaws too.

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Katangahan Nga Ba ang Magmahal?

Di naman talaga malalim pag nagmahal ang isang tao.

Ang totoo mababaw lang ang magmahal…


Hindi kailangan ng marami o malalim na dahilan. Nagmamahal ka kahit nga walang kondisyon.

Umiibig ka dahil lang sa isang rason… gusto mo lang magmahal.


Kaya nga yung mga naiwanan, naghihintay parin.

At yung mga nang-iwan, minsa’y bumabalik din.

May mga nasaktan na, kakapit parin.

May mga inayawan na, pagpipilitan parin.

May mga naloko na, aasa parin na sila’y magbabago rin.


Ang pag-ibig madalas nga walang pinipiling edad, estado, kasarian at maging ngang itsura.

Ano pa mang maging topak nyan sa buhay, ay kayang tanggapin.


Pero alam mo ba kung ano talaga ikinalalim ng pag-ibig? Ito ang pagpapasya ng isang tao na magmahal parin sa kabila ng sakit, pait, pagkaulila, pagkabigo at kawalan ng kasiguraduhan.


Nagagawang talikuran kahit nga reputasyon, dignidad, kayamanan, katinuan at iba pa. Ibibigay pati pangarap, kaligayahan at maging kalayaan ng mahal niya kahit minsan ay di siya kasama dito.


Ngayon, masasabi mo parin bang ‘tanga’ ang mga nagpapakatanga sa pag-ibig?

Mababaw magmahal, oo. Pero silang mga nagmahal?

Kailanma’y hindi.

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