Movie Review: Everything About Her

Everything About Her is the first movie treat of Star Cinema this year 2016 directed by Joyce Bernal featuring Xian Lim (as Albert Mitra), Angel Locsin (as Jaica Domingo) and the Star For All Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos (as Dr. Vivian Rabaya).

As the dramedy movie title suggested, the story revolves around the life of a strong sadistic businesswoman tycoon named Vivian who eventually struggles not only in fighting cancer but also in reconciling with his son, Albert. Being highly recommended to be her private nurse, Jaica became Vivian’s aide in healing of her body as well as her heart and soul towards her son.     


  • Ms. Vilma Santos is indeed the star for all seasons because her acting prowess never lose its shine and quality. All of her lines, whether it is witty or serious, are delivered just right. Of course, her ‘banats’ / banters as the ferocious boss like ‘ambagal’ and other vulgar words and her interaction with Angel’s character are effectively funny. However, my most favorite performance of Santos is when she encountered her intense pain attack which really convinced me of how deeply in pain Vivian was at that crucial moment. 
  • On the other hand, the entertainment value of the movie should be mostly attributed to Angel Locsin as she is the crowd’s favorite in many of the movie’s funny scenes. Watch her first interaction in phone with Xian’s character, unforgettable ‘wrong send’ scene, the helicopter scene and the restaurant scene and you will know that this movie showcases Angel Locsin’s comedic timing. She may be nearly bridging out from being funny to forced, she was able to redeem herself from reaching that point. Like Ms. Vilma Santos, Angel’s stellar performances when delivering heavy scenes are already obviously unquestionable.
  • I think Xian did great in the film that I couldn’t imagined Luis Manzano (who was initially tapped to do the role) could successfully deliver the scenes the way he did. Lim is a perfect fit of the role of Vivian’s stoic son that his character also helps in balancing the heavy and light side of the story.
  • Xian and Angel’s team up felt just right; their chemistry is not too strong that it can veer away the focus from the main character or not too weak that it can make the pairing feel forced.
  • My eyes are delighted by how Director Bernal adventurously captured shots in angles I rarely see in films before especially those scenes when chandeliers are present within the frames.
  • “Something I Need”, the theme song ripped from One Republic, is a nice addition to the movie. It’s already one of my favorite songs way before the movie has been released. I love its cover during the last minutes of the film and Carmina Cuya’s music scores based on the song.


  • The only thing that the film felt short was the lack of foundation towards the story’s resolution. I felt underwhelmed when the film was concluding. I could still think of more opportunities to delve deeper into the characters’ motivations and struggles to make these characters more relatable and deliver a more rigid overall message to its viewers. I find the final scenes together with Jaica’s resolution anti-climactic but it did give way to charming, positive and gentle way to end the movie.

Everything About Her started showing in local movie houses since January 27, 2016