Camp Calye Team Logos

Branding/Concept / Logo Design


This is my compilation of team logos I created for all my teams I handled in the youth camp of the Light of Jesus Youth more commonly known as Camp Calye. The designs of the logos are nearly based on the flag designs my teams painted for their team names.

CC 2010 – Shine God’s Glory – Good VIOLEiTors
CC 2011 Manila – No God. No Glory. – d’LAW Rise!
CC 2011 PICC – No God. No Glory. – VIA (Violet In Action)
CC 2012 PICC College – KNOCKOUT – REDeemed
CC 2012 Manila – KNOCKOUT – W.W.E. (White Will Emerge)
CC 2012 PICC High School – KNOCKOUT – Green Lighterns
CC 2013 PICC High School – LIPAD – BLUES CLUES
CC 2014 PICC High School – Flight P314 – LABAN-THERE
CC 2014 PICC College – Flight P314 – PILGRIMEIGE