Featured ARTMARK: Self-Proclaimed Musikero


 “I make music you called noise!

ARTMARK Title: Self-Proclaimed Musikero

Self-Proclaimed Musikero is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Black Artwork.


You heard it right. I shamelessly plug myself as a self-proclaimed musician. I may be mediocre when it comes to singing but I love music and playing and writing my own.

When I was still a kid, I was indifferent towards the art. However, one day, a game OST composer changed that and his name is Nobuo Uematsu, the father of Final Fantasy music. I could not even perfectly describe how wonderful, epic, inspiring, driven his music are even though they are only video game soundtracks! Then, when he collaborated with the singer of the FFXII theme song, Angela Aki, I discovered an artist that I would religiously follow and be my lead inspiration in becoming a musician. In other words, you may say as well that my favorite game series, Final Fantasy, is what also gave birth to my love for music and my dream to be a musician.

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Featured ARTMARK: My Final Fantasy

 “Can dream and reality co-exist? Only your heart knows the answer.”

ARTMARK Title: My Final Fantasy

My Final Fantasy is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Indigo Artwork.


I see My Final Fantasy as my journey to a world that I dream to be — the world of Fantasy. Ever since, I was young, I’m already a fan of this game series conceived by Hironobu Sakaguchi under the company Square Soft which is now known as Square Enix. For me, it has been a great experience to witness the rich story, marvellous worlds and epic battles with the Final Fantasy characters whom I learned to love and treat as almost like real life friends.

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Featured ARTMARK: Crazy Dreamer

 “I am a crazy dreamer!”

ARTMARK Title: Crazy Dreamer

Crazy Dreamer is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Blue Artwork.


Are the type of person who sow many dreams in life? Dreams not only for yourself but also for your family, your friends, your community, your country and even dreams for for the world? Then, you are just like me… A crazy dreamer!

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WOL #003: Finding Your Dream Team

In every Final Fantasy game, the main hero always meets a group of allies who will embark on an adventure/mission with him to brave through challenges and conflicts. The protagonist cannot save the world alone from the chaos wreaked by his archenemy; he needs to have a team of trusted allies and dear friends to fight with him. I also have mine, in real life. And, I would never ever forget the day when I found my own dream team.

It was way back when I was studying in my university, the time when I was still a loner thinking that I could survive the academic challenges on my own. I enrolled myself in a major subject class (ergonomics). The professor assigned in that class section turned out to be the master of the field. Thus, it should be expected that this teacher would be insightful yet surely tough and would show no mercy on her students. The class was obliged to form groups throughout the term for this subject.

“What group should I belong to?” I wondered anxiously.

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