“I hope that someday I would come to know what true love is. The same thing I wish for everyone. I pray that the love you had given away would eventually find its way back to you.”


IN LOVE? is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the White Artwork.


I could no longer remember what inspired me to create this piece and if I was indeed in love then. But, it’s where my journey of colors began. From where I started is where I will end. I remember that I dared myself long ago to tell about my encounters of love when I publish this entry. I had hesitations because I’m not used to sharing about this part of my life, especially this time. But yeah, I’m putting them all down here and I hope you could have something worth to take away from my 13 stories of experiences in love.

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Featured ARTMARK: Plain But Label-Free


 “Freedom to love. Reason to live for. The usual ordinary dreams. Peace of mind. Simple life. What I wouldn’t be willing to give up just to have these essentials in life.”

ARTMARK Title: Plain But Label-Free

Plain But Label-Free is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Gray Artwork.


This was my 2nd entry that I made for this Color series and it was where the whole idea of wearing plain shirts in different colors actually came from. One color for each concept artwork/shoot.

But putting the shoots aside, there’s a deeper story behind it. At a certain point of my life, I got fond of collecting and wearing plain colored shirts. I suddenly want things to be that plain and simple. So, for a period of time, I refrained from buying shirts with prints, styles, designs and labels on it.

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Featured ARTMARK: Prisoner of Freedom

“Where has freedom taken you?”

ARTMARK Title: Prisoner of Freedom

Prisoner of Freedom is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Orange Artwork.


The title of my artwork itself is nothing but contradictory. How does one be imprisoned by his own freedom? Let’s find out by tackling the meanings of freedom…

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