Featured ARTMARK: Self-Proclaimed Musikero


 “I make music you called noise!

ARTMARK Title: Self-Proclaimed Musikero

Self-Proclaimed Musikero is part of Mark Maliwanag | Color Series which serves as the Black Artwork.


You heard it right. I shamelessly plug myself as a self-proclaimed musician. I may be mediocre when it comes to singing but I love music and playing and writing my own.

When I was still a kid, I was indifferent towards the art. However, one day, a game OST composer changed that and his name is Nobuo Uematsu, the father of Final Fantasy music. I could not even perfectly describe how wonderful, epic, inspiring, driven his music are even though they are only video game soundtracks! Then, when he collaborated with the singer of the FFXII theme song, Angela Aki, I discovered an artist that I would religiously follow and be my lead inspiration in becoming a musician. In other words, you may say as well that my favorite game series, Final Fantasy, is what also gave birth to my love for music and my dream to be a musician.

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